A unique program that enables Holistic Development through 10 key life competencies!

Developing Curiosity, Character and Confidence

Ten competencies essential for Holistic Development!

Designed by experts for children in the age group of 6 to 15 years!


Taking a holistic approach to education means focusing on the overall well-being of a child along with their academic advancements. Research findings have shown that parents believe that their children will be Successful and Happy in life if they have the following:

  • Effective Habits
  • Moral Values
  • Emotional Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Social Sensitivity
  • Self–Management
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Academic Excellence
  • National Pride

The World Bank states "An increasingly digital economy places even greater premiums on the ability to reason, continually learn, effectively communicate and collaborate. Those who lack these skills will be left further behind."

Today, significant resources are being spent to ensure that children excel in academics. While this sets a good foundation for their future and hence, their lifestyle; it has been proven that academic excellence alone is not enough for a child to become successful or happy. It is equally important that every child develops holistically to be able to balance different aspects of life for their overall well-being.

Learning in the school-going years has a deep impact on a child and enables them to be future-ready. The inputs given at this age are vital and help the child consolidate their knowledge, aptitude and skills to develop a well-balanced Personality. These inputs influence lifelong learning, healthy living, and responsible behavior and ultimately lead to personal stability and social success.

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What we do!

Enable Holistic Development through Interesting and Impactful Learning!


Prepmyskills empowers children aged 6 to 15 years. The program's objective is to facilitate Holistic Development with a focus on Social, Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Intellectual well-being. We endeavor to empower every child by providing inputs that go beyond academics. Our Life Prep and Knowledge Prep programs provide interesting and impactful learning experiences for all young learners. We provide crucial inputs that help schools and parents nurture key skills in their children. The impact of our program is evident in the testimonials of educators, learners, and parents and validates our beliefs.

Our highly convenient, age-appropriate, and personalized program ensures an opportunity for every child to learn and develop. Each concept is presented as a capsule and allows learners of different capabilities to absorb the inputs as per their comfort.

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How do we do it?

Deliver Concepts and Skills Through a Unique Learning Platform


Our program is designed to lead a learner through a structured learning process that entails the key steps of Understanding, Analysing, Applying and most importantly to internalise the Learning of the key concepts and skills.

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Why Prepmyskills?

Relevant. Age-appropriate. Convenient. Essential


It is a One-of-a-kind compilation of extremely relevant and important inputs presented by industry leaders who are well versed in the skills required for all round Success.

It is a learner-led program and offers children a lot of flexibility to learn at a pace and time comfortable to each one of them.

The design and structure of the program ensures students have more than adequate time for other mandatory academic and non-academic activities.

The program uses powerful global learning tools to impart crucial knowledge that enables the child to become aware, to introspect and to apply the learning in real-time.

An assortment of engaging activities like Story-telling, thought-provoking Scenarios based on actual Case studies, puzzles, quizzes, brain teasers keep the interest and curiosity of the learner ongoing.

Learning outcomes are validated through easy to attempt, comprehensive Assessments.

Learners strengthen their Language skills, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and General Awareness. The activities sharpen their Thinking and Reasoning Skills.

Every learner gets a detailed report on their Program Engagement and Performance.

Badges are awarded for every topic completed thus acknowledging and appreciating the effort put in by the child. Features like the Leader Board and Program Completion Certificates provide an opportunity for the child to excel and perform to their individual best.

The app-based learning approach ensures an extremely affordable, convenient and easy access to our program, Anytime - Anywhere.

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3.5 lakh +
Children Covered.

Feedback from Parents and Children


Our Mission

Empowering young minds to shape a Successful and Happy future by developing their Personality through Life Skills and Values.

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