A unique program designed for "Shaping Personality"

Developing Curiosity, Character and Confidence

Key Milestones

Children covered
6 to 16

Life Skills & Personality Enrichment Program (PEP)


The challenges and opportunities are changing and the traditional approach of preparing our children for a ‘Job’ or ‘stream’ may not be good enough. We have to equip them with vast skills that will enable them to identify and handle challenges and opportunities. Focussing on self-development and social skills are of utmost importance.

The environment today stimulates the need for constant development of life skills and Personality in each individual. The process is ongoing and dynamic and cuts across all cross sections of the society irrespective of age, gender and vocation. Inputs at different stages are important to facilitate this journey.

The Personality of an individual is a combination of one’s habits, behaviour, attitude, traits, and other qualities. Every individual displays a different personality based on their upbringing, experiences and interactions.

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The program has been built on the foundation of the Six Pillar (6P) Curriculum. The Six Pillars include Developing Habits, Shaping Behaviour, Managing Self, Managing Relationships, Developing Mindsets and Enhancing 21st Century skills. The pillars cover various learning components that are important for the Holistic Development of the child.

The content is age-appropriate and addresses the needs of children between ages 6 to 16. The pedagogy provides for an effective learning process and guides the child through the four steps of Awareness, Introspection, Application and Internalization.

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The program is built to facilitate personalised and flexible learning. Every child is unique and needs their space to learn. Prepmyskills has designed its learning platform keeping this need at the centre.

Children can access the program Anytime, Anywhere using a digital aid, be it a computer, laptop, tab or smart phone.

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To empower young minds to become socially responsible citizens.

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