Practising Self-Care

By Team Prepmyskills

Begin your day with meditation. 10-20 minutes of meditation helps with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, asthma and heart diseases. You could practise deep breathing, visualisation or repeating a mantra.

Feeling good is the best way to tackle mental health concerns. Anytime you feel engulfed by thoughts you cannot control, distract yourself by engaging in something you love, which gives you immense joy and happiness. Watch a comedy, listen to podcasts, take a walk outside. Getting a massage will help you feel relieved.

Eat healthy. Get enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Meet your friends and talk to them. Join support groups and make new friends. Feel comfortable in your own skin.

Focus on accomplishing your goals. Write them down, and work your way towards achieving them, one step at a time. Remember, a battle with our own mind every moment requires a lot of courage. You are strong.

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