A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By Poornachandran.

 One fine day I woke at 3 am with cock’s screechy scratchy sound, cows mooing, birds chirping, goats yelling and squirrels murmuring. Then, I went to clean the cow’s environment. Next, I went to feed the hens white rice and good grains. After that, I just gone to feed my plants. Don’t be confused! I am going to irrigate the plants. Now the time is 7 am, a good time to receive vitamin D from sun. Mission passed! It’s 11:00 now. Its also sunny & hot right? Let’s take some rest! Huh, a good sleep! Its 2:00 now. Let’s play some ludo. That was a good match, right? Even I lose I didn’t feel because that gives me nothing. Its four past 15 so, let ‘get back to work. Oh no! I’ve got to buy fertilizers for sorghum! But they are expensive! My goods are being sold in low price; in this situation, I should irrigate and also buy the fertilizers. Huh, everything’s over! Sun’ gone low It’s 7 past 30 now. I’m hungry! Let’s get some food ang go to sleep.

An essay by: Poornachanthiran.CM

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