A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By Aaron Georgie.

A Farmer’s Life

A farmer is also called an agriculture and farming is more than just work; it’s a way of life. A farmer's lifestyle is busy and really tough, work really hard for their living . They get only a bit time break and they have to cut crops .They have to work for more than 10 hours in a day. Farmers are one of the people who works a lot in the entire world as compared to other kind of labour. Farmers get paid only a little and always face social stigma.


I am happy as a farmer - if  I can :

·         Provide Quality Food on many people’s tables by feeding the world

·         Live close to nature and my livestock enjoying fresh air, sunlight, water and clear skies with stars and moon.

·         Enjoy my fruits of labour by providing the best organic food and nutrients to my loved ones.

·         Enjoy every day which brings more and new challenges which helps me in growing and developing as a better human being.

·         Spending time with my family on fields and helping children to work harder.



Farmers face a lot of problems and some of them are :


·         Cope with weather, soil erosion, floods and livestock loss.

o    Planting of drought resistant varieties of crops which can sustain adverse weather conditions.

o    Crop diversification and Mixed cropping.

o    Breeding Strategies and livestock management systems improving the quality and life span of livestock.


·         Satisfy consumers' changing tastes and expectations and Meeting the rising demand for food of higher quality.

o    Constant improvement in the taste of fruits and vegetables.

o    Healthy produce with organic manure and healthy substitutes.


·         Loans and Debts

o    Income diversification by multiple yields in a year.

o    Saving intelligently and smartly by utilizing government led schemes.

o    Investing in good varieties of crops and livestock.


·         Adopt and learn new technologies.

o    Investing in latest tools and hardware.

o    Developing smart irrigation and storage solutions.


·         Stay resilient against global economic factors.

o    Cultivating crops with higher yield value.

o    Producing at least one crop with global demand increasing our footprint in global market.

                                                                        By – Aaron Georgie Ashish/ 6th Grade

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