A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By Rohit R.B

Farmers are the backbone of our society. A farmer is a very soul of a nation . He is the giver of food to the people to all practical purposes. He got up early in the morning and goes to the fields. Farmers are an important part of the survival of our various society because they provide food and fibre that nourishes and cloths us. One day I got up early in the morning to be like a farmer and experience them the whole day I was responsible for the resources and for utilizing the primitive and modern technologies.

Later I realized something which was very pitiful where government gave slogans like "Jay Jawan Jay Kisan" but no one got the titles which working. I realized that many farmers struggle even for 2 square meals per day. Even though it is very proud to be a farmer, no one is being so, even the present farmers are migrating to cities for finding other jobs for making more income to survive. T

here are come more difficulties faced by them. I as a farmer experienced and understood a lot of things where I realized the pain and feelings of a farmer where he had a lots and lots of work to do all day. I realized and made a plan, so that there after farmers should not suffer anymore, where Government have to provide the necessary things needed to the farmer At last I need to say all of you is that farming is not a profession it is more than that. Also by seeing the growing population of a country we should take initiatives to help farmers and make each of us to be like a farmer and fulfill the essential needs needed by ourselves


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