A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By J.S. Navina.




Farmers are the backbone of our society. They are the important people in the world because they only provide us that we eat.

          Now, I am going to share my one-day experience as farmer. I

 woke up at 4:30 am. The day starts at the farm. Rearing domestic

 animals are very difficult task. Then Iwent to the field to grow crops

 there are many difficulties in growing crops. I checked the fertility of

 the soil it was very low so I bought some fertilizersandspread on the

 soil.Next I went on sowing the field.This brings me to a total of ten

 thousand rupees.Then I showed the seeds. After a few days it started

 to grow but it also met with heavy flood. After a few months’y village

met with a severe drought. I didn’t have even single drop of water to

grow my crops, but on defeating all these conditions my crops grown.

 At the time of harvesting the sad thing to say is that my crops were

 damaged by the insects. Insects are the great threat. They rated the leaves and burrowedthe holes in stems, fruits and roots of mycrops. Not only insects damaged my crops even rats and mice. They ate

 seeds, roots, whole young plants, fruits.

             Birds too, are an issue particularly pigeons. So my heart was

 broken, but I got help from the “safe guard peatscontrol”. After

 these all struggles I only got a little profit. This is very critical situation

 to me that I didn’t have enough money to eat and I also need money

For next cultivation.

              In my leisure periods I usually talk to others about yields,

 souls, weather, machinery, farm programs and more –just to get

 advice on what others in my area are doing. Our fixed image on

 farmers is that farmers are uneducated but farmers are very smart

guys. I will try to understand the techniques and new machines that

 came in the markets which make the irrigation easier.


              I will be very happy when I have a sufficient money to run me

 household without the need to take debts. The day when rains do not

 torment me and when the harvest is good is what makes me happy.

Nowadays many farmers met with a great loss and went on suicide.

 This makes me very sad as a farmer. To reduce this farmers suicide

attempt government have to give a free medical care to the farmers,

 construct at least small, medium houses for the farmers, provide

 quality urea and fertilizers at government sun shops and so on. All

 these and many nor implemented properly will make me and other

 farmers happy.








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