A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By Inbanithi.


I like to live as a farmer for a day and that day will be my best day in my life. I like farming very much. Our family is also an agricultural family. Every day I saw my grandfather working in the farm with full enthusiasm.

I am dreaming “one day we have to do the agriculture”. But in the corona pandemic I have changed myself as a farmer. I wake up early in the morning at 4’o clock. I went to the cattle field and clean the cow dung and I help my grandpa milking the cows. That time I feel the tough times of farmer.

We people are not ready to doing such activity so early in the morning. Next I went to Irrigate the field. I finished my work before 10 am. By completing my work before sunrise I won’t get much tired. such like that all the farmers used to complete their work before sunrise regularly.

The possible interesting aspects of their life are during rearing they used to sing a song and make a game with them. During harvest time also they used to sing a song. The farmers never be a lazy person spend their leisure time with their cattle. Very well example JALLIKATTU super star peoples.

The challenges faced by the farmers are climatic challenges, economic challenges, individual challenges, water shortage, pest attack, from these are the challenges overcome by the farmers. Every year with pain and happiness in the heart they face all the problem but they have a beautiful word in their soul “we can saw gain in the next year”.


The National farmer’s day in India is also known as KISAN DIVAS in Hindi. Farmer’s day is celebrated every year on 23 December, on the birthday of the fifth prime minister of India, Choudhury charan sing, also a farmer’s leader. Farmers are the back bone of the world.








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