A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By P.V Gathin.

If farmers is not there no humans are will be livingfarmers are near to the god .the farmer is the people they gives the food to everybody .  yes ,the life of the farmers will be the challenge  in each and every day. Every day they are putting the hard work  .In other professional there is a leave but the farmers never has the leave ” . I will woke up at the early morning nearly from the 5:00– 5:30’clock . Everyday not even a single day the farmer will stand up late so I will follow the same  . if they are sick also they will stand up on the time I will also do this work .  I has the  cows  and goats so first thing I will take the milk from the cow and I will go to the milk society and I will drop my milk.  I will feed the calf and small goats and I will put the fodder crops to cows and goats . I will go to the field and I will work on the field up to 10:00’clock and will go to the breakfast . second thing after coming  I will keep the water for the cows and goats and I will put fodder crops for the animals .third thing . I will go to the field after that at 2:00’clock and I will have the lunch . fourth thing I will again go  to the cows and goats and I will keep water after it I will take the milk from cow and I will feed the small goats with the milk of goats . fifth thing I will take the milk to the milk society and I will come back and I will take the cows and goats to their home and I will bath . sixth thing I will go to dinner and I will sleep and it will be continuous …………….   The most interesting aspects in my life is to grow the crops in good yielding for all the farmers and me…….. I will leisure my time in the manner of speaking with other farmers , spending the time with the family , learning morenew things about farming and to predict the weather condition . the most of the times I will take the good sleep . “the good sleep is the thing remain us healthy” . Farmers face problem such as water shortage ,low fertility ,pest attack, disease attack, low yield and variety of monetary problems. Farmers should  optimizing for water saving  micro-irrigation technique like drip and sprinkle irrigation .To tackle low fertility farmers should incorporate bio fertilizers like rhizhobium , azospiriilum, azotobacter, mycorhizae along with compost ,manures and  vermicompost. To tackle disease, pest and low yield, farmers should adopt hybrid or transgenic variety which are innately disease and pest resistant and provide for good yield . 




VIII – standard

SKV Vidhyaashram senior secondary school

M. Kandampalayam



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