A Day in my Life as a Farmer!

By Armaana Arjun.

 I wake up when the sun hasn't risen yet and the sky is a lavender shade. As I start my day and walk to the fields, the sun starts to rise, giving a lovely orange, pink tint to the lavender sky. The flowers along my path blooming and colorful. The sun may be lovely but, it is harsh. Working in the field all day is taxing.

The mornings may be nice but as soon as the afternoon sun is high in the sky, I can feel the exhaustion creep up on me. The brightness of the sun almost blinding me as I continue plowing the field. The soil cooling my aching, burning feet as I drive the oxen further. After I'm done plowing the field, I go to the small shed I built to take a break and have my lunch. I enter the hut and sit down to eat. I hurriedly finish my lunch, hoping to take a small break before proceeding with my work.

I lay down on the ground letting the exhaustion take over. I wake up about twenty minutes later and get back to the field. As I sow the seeds of the next harvest my mind begins to wander. I was taken back to the days when I used to go to my grandfather's village and help him maintain his farm. I remember running around the field, playing with the dog.

Most of my memories with my grandfather and the village were happy and inviting. There was a day when I first saw my grandfather get angry. I remember listening to him talk about how the people in the city chop down trees to make space for their buildings and how the factories would puff out smoke and churn out garbage daily, polluting the air and the water. 

I was a small six-year-old toddler at the time and I couldn't understand my grandfather very well, but now I realize they cut down trees to make space for their homes, in doing so, they were destroying the homes of many other creatures. I remember my father telling me about the Chernobyl catastrophe. The nuclear reactor explosion at Chernobyl had caused it to turn into a ghost city. And how the wildlife slowly reclaimed its place. Slowly coaxing animals to return to their home. It was then that I realized we needed to keep this planet alive, not just for us but for the other beautiful creations here as well. At that moment, I appreciated what I was doing to help our earth.

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