A Day in my LIfe as a Farmer!

By Sonika.

 INTRODUCTION: The Indian farmers earns his bread with the sweat of his own brow. He works hard from morning till evening and yet he finds it difficult to make both ends meet. Although he give food to whole country, He is poor person who does not have been the bare necessities of life. It is interesting to observe how he passes his days. Let us study a day in the life of an Indian farmer.

He gets up early morning. It is quite true to say that an Indian farmers sleep with the lamp and rises with the lark. Then he goes with his oxen to the field. The day's work beings. Slowly the sun rises and climbs into the sky. But the heat of the sun cannot drive him away from work. He work in the hot summer day also. At mod day he gets his lunch and what a food that is a rice with curd and add some pinch of salt and a onion is his lunch. But the Indian farmers regards this poor meal as a blessing of God. He takes rest for a shot while under a shady tree.

Then once again he starts his work of ploughing or harrowing the clouds or sowing seeds and levelling the field with the help of the leveller. If the crops are already a few inches high, he may be seen watering the field or weeding out wild plants. All day's in the life of an Indian farmer, are alike but a day in the harvesting season is a day of joy in his dull life. It is a day when the Indian farmer reaps the fruits of his labour. 2 After he harvest his crop, the crops are a pressure gift from the god. When he sell his grains in the market, then only he get the salary for the four to six months. Again he will do the same work.

CONCLUSION: When we are eating a rice or a fruits there is struggle and pain of a farmer. If we waste a pinch of rice also it is thing against farmer. Without knowing any struggle or pain of a farmer we are wasting the food. If we have extra food don’t waste that you can give it to a orphanage. There are many persons who did not get food and delaying on starvation. Please don’t waste a food BY SONIKA.M VIII RUBY

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