A Day in my Life as a Farmer

By Swetha M


Today I am a farmer, standing in front of my farm and take caring my crops. The time of a farmer is very precious, so I don’t waste my time in unnecessary ways. I am very happy as a farmer because of various ways. Examples: as a farmer I have an very precious opportunity to raise various kinds of crops , which has and gives various benefits humans, animals and all sorts of organisms. I have an very good opportunity to feed many lives , which makes me happy .

I am very happy because I reduce many pollution such as air, water, soil and noise pollution by planting trees! So, these are the ways which makes me happy as a farmer. As a farmer on the other side l have to face and solve many problems in my life. The life of a farmer is literally full of problems but l can solve it.

Some of the problems that l face is;

? Weeds make my plants unhealthy, and creates the competition between plants for water, sunlight and nutrients.

? Pests (insects) makes my crop very unhealthy and stops the growth of them.

? Climate is a very important factor which interfere in the growth of plants.

? Scarcity of water is a very big problem faced by me and allfarmers. But I faced it by using water thriftly.

? Soil fertility is also a major problem. I faced it by adding natural fertilizers such as cow dunk, dry leaves and vegetables etc, and l planted leguminous plants for nitrogen.

? Birds and some animals such as parrot, squirrels etc also cause millets, rice, wheat, barley, maize and etc.


A farmer should act hastily in order to protect his crops. These are the challenges that l face in my life. I spend my leisure time I reading newspapers which gives me more knowledge. I usually wake up at 5 am and make myself and go to the farm and work there. I will be working with weeds and pests from 6bam to 1:30 pm. I will be eating lunch from 1:30 to 2 pm and l go back to work. From evening 6:30 I’ll be free and use it for reading newspapers. A day as a farmer is very interesting.


By Swetha M, grade 8, SKV Vidyaashram Senior Secondary School, Namakkal. 

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