A Day in my Life as a Farmer

By Tanmayee Reddy.

There is nothing more joyous to a farmer than a good harvest. It was harvesting time and I had decided on harvesting my crop today. I woke up, earlier than the other days, before the Sun rose. I was more excited to go to my farm as today was harvesting day. I had sown rice in one half and maize in the other half of my farm of 5 acres. I hurriedly cleaned the cattle shed and fed my cattle early today.

My wife my son and I, along with the other workers reached the fields by 6:00 am. I along with and few others started reaping the rice and my wife and son with the others were working in the maize crops. Today I was proud that my My 21-year-old son joined us. He had finished his studies and was working a small-time job in the city, but he returned from the city because of the pandemic. I was happy to see him enjoying working with us in the fields.

As we kept working within no time the sun rose right above our head and it was lunchtime. We all assembled and sat under the shade of the huge tamarind tree near my field where we usually have our lunch. It was a small but nutritious meal of rice and dal. As we were chatting we recollected the effort we put in from tilling and sowing the saplings to today. And how harder it was getting to get workers to work in the fields. We sowed it around July. After a few weeks, we had fertilized the crop. We were lucky that the saplings were of good quality and reached a height of 2 feet and started to bloom, as ever the blooms were attacked by pests. Then we had to use pesticides to save the crops. My wife added, “We even had to protect the crops from birds and grazing animals”.

In the evening, I skipped my usual nap and without wasting time, we all went back to today’s work of reaping and stacking. We finished our work by sunset. After the long day's work, I was a satisfied man as my harvest looked bountiful. As it was already dawn by the time we were heading back home my friends had already gathered under the banyan tree in the middle of the village for chatting, but I didn’t join them as I was tired by the days work. I had my dinner with my son and wife and went to bed a happy man.

-Tanmayee Reddy, grade 10, B.P DAV School. 

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