A Day in my Life as a Farmer

By Shreyasi Gupta.



Farmers are one of the most important part and food-provider of our economy. We as a human being can’t live without food hence, we all depend upon agriculture to which the farmers are only making it meet our requirement of food. Without farmers it would be impossible for an economy to grow and sustain for a longer period. They provide food for all practical purpose and thus act as the backbone of our society. Food items are very much essential for our existence and farmers are the people who grow those food grains. Hence, it becomes very important for us to take care of our farmers who are our true ‘Annadaata’.

This vacation I got a chance to visit my grandparents village in Bihar. There I went to my grandpa’s farm. Initially, it was fun for me but as I get to spend more time over there, I came to know about not only the various challenges and problems they face but also how they deal with it on everyday basis.

The first thing I did after visiting the farm was to look around and see the crops growing up there. Wheat, maize and rice are the staple crops of Bihar. In our village the cultivation of wheat and rice is much in farming. Moreover, farmers who grow primary crops are of prime importance. But I saw them facing a lot of challenges. As a farmer, they have to prepare soil for different types of crops. Because the crops grow according to season therefore, the farmers need to have a great knowledge of that particular crop. There were many other farmers in the nearby fields who were growing vegetables, fruits and lentils too. Furthermore, they all have to work hard to get maximum harvesting.

 These farmers are working day and night to meet our daily requirements of vegetables, fruits and cereals. I saw them working under the scorching sunlight. They did not fear the hardship but their only fear was that their crops will grow good and fantastic. They start their day early in the morning even before the sunrise and sleep after the sunset. I have never seen such hard working people in my life. They plough; they sow the seeds and keep tab on proper irrigation. Untimely monsoon is the biggest danger for their crops.

Our farmers are very simple living people. The life of a farmer and his family is deprived of basic luxuries that we are enjoying in urban areas. Farmers enjoy their company with nature. They are not asking for much.

The day to day news of their suicides is alarming. Why they are doing so? What I saw is they are not able to afford a even a full day meal to their family. They do not want any luxury but they need proper price of their hardship.

Farmers are the people who are keeping us and nature alive. We should respect them for their contribution to the society. I can’t wait to go there again and try my part to help them in any manner.


By: Shreyasi Gupta, grade 5, B.P DAV Public School, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad. 



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