A Farmer's Life

By Aarin Thaokar.


I start the day by waking up at about at ‘5 o clock’ to ‘6 o clock’. After that I have a healthy breakfast with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables picked right out of the field. Then go out to the barn and start by milking each cow, which takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete.After that is complete, I go on by giving them all some hay and water as their breakfast. Then I roam around the field to see if the crops are growing properly or not. After checking the entire field, I go to the water pump and start watering the plants. After some while I turn the water off and look for some crops that are ready to harvest. If I find any, I immediately harvest them and put them in my trolly. As I do this for my entire field, it takes me a lot of time. Like 1 or 2 hours. After all this is done it is about ‘9 o clock’, so I go to the pens, coops and barn to feed all the animals with all the hay, seeds, grass and all the water that I have for the animals. Then at ’11 o clock’ I go back home and take some rest, and have lunch. I keep my lunch super nutritious and healthy so I have enough energy to work for the rest of the day. So, if you might be wondering what I will do next, then I will happily tell you, next I go to the market and sell the crops that I have acquired throughout this week/month. Or sometimes some industries like Amul, Haldiram etc, take my materials to use as raw items. Like Amul byes my milk to make their chocolate, Haldiram buys my crops to make sweets and chips. After 6 to 7 hours I close my shop or I just come back home from the factories, I then have some snacks like some salad or fruits. Then I go back to the animals and feed all of them for the last time in the day. And then I come back home and have some dinner with my family.

This Is just a brief explanation of how my day passes by. I actually have to face a lot of problems, might it be the time to harvest the crop but when I look their aren’t any that are ready to be harvested, there are no eggs ready in the hen coop or it could also be that all the sheep have ran out of their pen during the time I was gone to the mart. Like you saw above, I go through a lot of struggles every day, and facing them is to isn’t easy too. It is very hard to go through the daily life of begin a farmer.



Aarin Thaokar, Grade 4f DPS GBN




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