One Day Spending like a Farmer

By Nirvighn Yadav.

Pre-dawn wake-up

The cows and calves need to eat which is why the young farmers get up at 6:15 am. The milking begins at 6:30, and then the cleaning of the sheds is done before the sun has risen

Preparing for the day


After the animals have been taken care of, the farmers get their tools and materials checked up, cleaned up and prepared for the work planned for the day, such as plowing or baling up the grass which the cows will eat in the winter.


Finishing the day

The workday at the farm for these two young farmers ends around 7:30- 8:00 pm, which they don’t consider too much of a stretch or something out of the ordinary. Growing up on a farm gets people used to this type of work schedule for the day.


 What about the weekends?

Even though summer is busier, weekends are off in the other seasons too. After all the cows and calves have to eat and the milking has to be done rain or shine. Of course, the young farmers admit that they do tend to end work earlier on Saturday evening so that they can enjoy some social life or well-deserved rest.

The challenges at the farm

The weather conditions are one of the biggest challenges for the work and life at the farm. Cleaning the snow or working in the rain is something considered quite normal and part of the job if the farmers want the dairy to work and make them a profit.

The positive side

You get to work with calm and beautiful animals, and you spend most of the time outdoors in natural settings, which for most of us who live in the big city sounds absolutely amazing, right?

The end product

The farmers admit that the satisfaction of making something out of their own hands, in this case – fresh organic milk and dairy products stimulates them to keep them




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