Dear Mrs. Nag

With love, Madhu.

Dear Mrs Nag,

Hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit.

I don’t know whether you remember me or not, but I do remember you as my teacher who have influenced me greatly.

I have never seen you cross or angry, always gentle and patient with a bunch of handful teenagers whose minds were pre-occupied with other worldly thoughts than mere studies. How did you manage us without raising your voice still baffles me!

The fondest memory that I have of you when you transported us to the historic times and places with your teaching skills. Your inclusion of personal narratives and experiences helped me and my classmates understand the complex revolutions and political structures of the world. History with you was never boring, but exciting and informative! the very reason why we never thought of bunking your classes!

You have inspired me not as teacher but as a human being too – to be empathetic, patient and kind. Thanks for seeing the potential in me, supporting me and motivating me without which I wouldn’t have achieved what I am today.

  As we get to celebrate another Teachers’ Day, I would like to say, “Thank you, Mrs Nag for being my teacher.”



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