To, Lakshmi Madam

From, Ratna Kumari.



My teacher is everything to me. She guided me not only in my studies but my virtues too. She endorsed the values taught to me at home. The high thinking and character building.

Dear Lakshmi Madam,

It gives me immense pleasure to write about you. It gives me more pleasure to let you know what I have learnt from you. The innocent age of mine was shaped by your high thinking and endorsement of the value system my parents have given me.

I admired you a lot for the way you taught us the subject, Food and Nutrition, with clarity and the application methods into real life. You being our teacher was a blessing for us. Today I know the nutritive values of various foods because of you. We never missed your classes,because there was something genuinely nice about just sitting in your class and listening to you. I can see the swaying of your hands, and hear your voice, even today.

You are my inspiration for my teaching career too. I investigate myself to see if I am teaching like you. I want my students also should remember me, the way I am remembering you with such fond memories. It was not the subject alone, along with it you taught many other things. I admire your multifaceted talents.

It is a wonderful feeling going down the memory lane and write about you. 

Love you.


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