By Niyamika.

The story starts from a vacation to Andaman and Nicobar islands.

I was quite eager to travel by flight.

As we were about touch the runway, I remember the Cyan colored water radiating in my eyes.

As Andaman was full of beaches we couldn't leave without visiting them!

Our first destination was a limestone cave a few miles away from backwater.

We got on a boat and it was a surprise that there was a girl of the same age as me with us.

We were sitting on a motorboat and there was absolute silence, I decided to break it. I struck a conversation and soon became friends.

We visited the caves and engaged in snorkeling and swimming in shallow water.

We collected shells and pebbles together.

We spent nearly 3 hours together on the Elephant beach.

Soon we had to leave.

I was really sad but when we visited the next place on the itinerary I met Mishti. I was really happy as I liked her and enjoyed her company. We were on the same cruise and we had lots of fun dancing and singing on the bridge.


About Niyamika: She is an 8th grader from Vydehi School of Excellence, Bangalore. She is a Potterhead. She is a foodie and is also passionate about tennis.

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