By Lakshana Aaditya

I always dreamt of having a pet in my life. Animals make me happy. I think I connect with them more than humans.


I decided to go to Bangalore during my summer holidays last year. I stayed in my cousin’s house & something changed my entire life. I and my younger cousin had gone down to the park and we saw couple of workers holding something looking like a rat, but it wasn’t. It was a tiny baby kitten which had fallen from the second floor. One of the workers’ asked for some water for the kitty and in turn i asked them whether I can take her home.


They happily said yes. She had become my pet and my also my cousin sisters. We named her KIKI . My uncle helped & encouraged us in adopting her and took her to the vet, vaccinated her and gave her medicine. She was so tiny that she could fit in my pocket. I and my sisters made dresses for her and even a tiny box with blankets. We took her to the park every single day. She learned how to walk in a week. She would never bite us. She was my first pet and an incredible best friend. Even though she could not talk or understand me, she held a place in my heart.


About Lakshana: She is a dreamy Potterhead, studying in BalaVidyaMandir Senior Secondary School, Chennai. She loves animals.


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