Etched in Memory

By Aaditya Anand

At present I am fifteen-year-old boy. But I remember when I was at the age of seven, I met my unexpected friend in Bali when I was swimming in the swimming pool.


At the same pool I met an Aussie girl, who was very friendly. Her name was Finn. She was a five-year-old kid. It was my first foreign trip and I made my first foreign friend there. I and my friend were there in the resort for just four days. But we enjoyed playing games in the beach and we swam together in the beach and the main thing I enjoyed with her was, she used to talk a lot and shared about her country.


I also spent time talking with her father. This is one favorite moment in childhood with her. My sister also made friends with her. Finn told about her pets to us. She had five frogs. She, me and my sister became best friends. Whenever I go to Australia to see a cricket match, I wish to see Finn. But she should have also grown up like me. We may not recognize each other.


About Aaditya: He is a foodie, gamer and a cricket lover who has completed Class 10 in St. Michael's Academy, Chennai.

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