A Bottle Story

By Dhanush M. Shetty

Namaste... My name is Dhanush M.

Really, unexpected friendships are the best and live forever...

I and my best friend (close friend, my heart, he is everything). Today also, we both don't know how we became friends and how we became close . All of a sudden we became close we lived for each other, we studied , we played...

But I think for this friendship, water bottle is the reason...

The bottle story is, once I had took his water bottle to sports and I lost it. I was very sad because of the match in sports. He came and asked his bottle... I told it is not there, looking, I will search and give you. He was also having some sports but he did not ask much because of my sadness. After 5 days he asked, I told I will bring a new one, please give me time, I told.

He told, ok, when will you give?

'I will give you in vacation'.

And I think this bottle is the reason.

Friendship from a bottle and unexpected friendship... and I ask God to make our bond more tight. Thanks for giving me a opportunity to remember our memories.


About Dhanush: He is a 16 year old sports enthusiast from JawaharNavodayaVidyalaya, Mavinekere, Hassan.

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