A Sport, A Nerd, and I

By Akshath Jaganmohan.


I would always ruin my chance to make close friends. Not by starting fights, but by being stupid. I hadn’t heard a single English song before I was 9 unless you count the nursery rhymes.

For this reason, I yearned to come back to India. 

My mother, who wanted to help me through that part of my life, tried to make me as social as possible and made me a part of any learning course possible. 

And I would easily say that I required tuition for Arabic. It would be the one subject I have ever required tuition for, at least yet. 

And that’s where I met them… Two girls, both spoke my dialect, and both from my country.

The first one I met is that kid who remains unsatisfied with a 97/100 mark. You know the rare genius who’d start training for college before high school… That’s her.

And the other was the sporty kind. Not my type, even still. Now she plays for the Emirates Women’s Cricket Team, and I can’t perform well at my apartment.

Back then, with me being a boy, the only people who would have liked to be my friends were boys. But they didn’t want to because I had only two friends, both girls. 


But I knew that I finally had good friends. If a couple of boys didn’t want to be my friends because I was friendly with girls, then I didn’t need them. I still had the best friends in the world...


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